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Belarusian ruble

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The Belarusian Ruble is the official currency of Belarus. One Ruble is made up of 100 Kapeykas. No coins exist, except for commemorative ones. Banknotes are available in 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000 and 100000 Rubles. 50 and 200000 Ruble banknotes are also in circulation but are not often used.

Belarus is one of a few countries in the world that has never used coins. However, despite legal tender coins not existing in Belarus, many special edition Belarusian collectors’ coins are produced in gold and silver. The first Belarusian Ruble coins were introduced in 1996 and they depict subjects related to culture and events in Belarus as well as children’s stories and other topics. Most of the coins are 1 Ruble but 3 Ruble and 5 Ruble coins also exist.


The first version of the Belarusian Ruble was launched in 1992. There was a shortage of Soviet banknotes but Belarus did not have permission to print new Soviet currency and so decided to set up their own. This co-existed with the Soviet Ruble until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992 when the Belarusian Ruble replaced the Soviet Ruble at a rate of 10:1. Then, in 2000 a new Belarusian Ruble replaced the old one with a new Ruble equaling 1000 old Rublei.

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