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Albanian lek

Worldwide use:

  • Albania


The official currency of Albania is the Lek. One Lek is made up of 100 Qindarka but Qindarka are not issued anymore. Frequently used coins include 1 Lek, 5 Lek, 10 Lek, 20 Lek, 50 Lek and 100 Lek. Banknotes are issued in 200 Lek, 500 Lek, 1000 Lek, 2000 Lek and 5000 Lek.

The name "lek" is related to Alexander the Great who was known as Leka in Albania. The name "qindarke" is derived from "qind" which is Albanian for one hundred.


The Lek entered circulation in 1926, introduced by the Albanian King Ahmet Zoghu when bronze, nickel and silver coins were issued. Banknotes were introduced in 1997.

Component units:

  • Qindarkë (100)

Date introduced:

  • February 1926

Central bank:

  • Bank of Albania


  • Bank of Albania


  • Bank of Albania